Renee Lorton

Renee Lorton

Yoga Teacher

Renee is a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor. She has been a student of yoga for over 15 years and has been teaching since 2015.
Renee began her yoga studies seeking relief from chronic back pain after extensive injuries from horseback riding accidents that intensified with years as a desk-bound and travel-bound executive. She decided to seek alternatives to pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures to help cope with and alleviate pain. She discovered yoga while living in San Francisco and began attending classes at Rodney Yee’s studio, Piedmont yoga in Oakland, Ca. With yoga, Renee found a path to both address her injuries and enlighten her to the vast benefits of yoga. Once Renee discovered how to live with significantly less pain and a much happier life through the practice of yoga, she decided to dedicate her next career to helping others alleviate pain, enjoy freedom of movement, and help quiet their mind.

Since moving back to the east coast in 2006, Renee has trained with a series of senior Iyengar instructors including John Schumacher, Lois Steinberg, Kimberly Williams, Siegfried Bleher, and John Gardiner, all who were students of BKS Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar Yoga. Renee continues to consider Rodney Yee her primary teacher and attends his teacher trainings and intensive workshops regularly.

Renee began teaching yoga in 2015 after her move to Charlottesville, VA. She became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2016 (RYT 200) and has taught at Allied Yoga in Charlottesville and also offers private and semi-private lessons at Twisted Fox Yoga, her home studio in Free Union, VA.

Renee is very excited to be a part of the NOW Yoga community!
Renee’s classes are ideal for:
• Students new to yoga or those who prefer a slower, more intense study of the yoga asanas
• Vinyasa students looking to refine their asana and take their practice to a new level
• Those who want a safe, step-by-step approach to advanced poses such as inversions (headstand, handstand, shoulderstand, etc.), and backbends (wheel, bridge, camel, etc)
• Students with injuries or chronic conditions looking for relief or alternatives within their yoga practice.