Katherine Vorlet

Katherine Vorlet

Yoga Teacher

After a hiatus to take care of her family’s needs, Katherine is happy to be back teaching at her home away from home, NOW Yoga Studio.

Katherine loves all things yoga and believes it may start with the practice of asana or the poses but is also a way of living. It has improved her life, and she wants to share her passion for it.
She received her 200-hour at a local yoga studio in Charlottesville and 300-hour training with Beryl Bender Birch in classical yoga philosophy and meditation.

Her style of teaching is supportive and encouraging. She walks alongside her students in their journey and welcomes them to join her on the mat to get grounded, invigorate, restore, and explore what lies within.

Initially unimpressed by Yin Yoga, Katherine quickly realized that sometimes what we believe does not suit us is exactly what we need most. In today’s Yang world we all need more Yin. Yang is about changing the world, where as Yin about accepting it. Harmony and balance comes from knowing the difference. Katherine is excited to teach everything Yin at NowYoga.