Gentry Hall

Gentry Hall

Yoga Teacher

Gentry fell in love with yoga when she was 16 years old living in her hometown of Billings, Montana. As a lifelong practitioner, she has been inspired by many yogis in practice and often dreamt of sharing the rewarding benefits of yoga with others.

Wherever she goes, Gentry always brings her yoga practice with her. She has actively practiced everywhere she has lived including Montana, New York City, Spain, Hawaii, Boston, D.C., and now here, in Charlottesville. Whether doing shoulder stands on a SUP board on the Ocean or headstands next to her office cubicle, she makes yoga an important part of every day; Gentry is passionate about the practice and the light it brings to her life.

Gentry believes yoga helps to cultivate joy and balance, and she hopes that this is shared with her students in their practice. She is deeply in love with the Yin practice and the mental and physical challenges it offers; especially the art of being still. Her classes are grounding and offer students a place to relax, let go and heal. Each class is designed to reach all levels and leave the body feeling both energized and chill. Gentry loves inspirational yoga quotes and hopes that you find inspiration in one of her favorites, “It doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect, my practice is my time to feel alive, loved and free.”

Education and Awards
In 2013 she made the decision to pursue her dream of teaching yoga and embarked on a mental and physical journey toward becoming a certified yoga teacher in the 200hr training at Back Bay Yoga in Boston (now YogaWorks Back Bay). She has also completed prenatal teacher training with Bec Conant of OM Births and Yin teacher training with Marla Cantor at YogaSparks.