Cora Houghton

Cora Houghton

Yoga Teacher

Cora is a supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable guide for her students on their yoga journey. She provides comprehensive classes that are welcoming to all. Cora has been teaching professionally since 2014, introducing yoga to beginners and also teaching those with 30+ years of yoga experience ~ sometimes all in the same class. She creates classes that encourage body appreciation and enjoyment, aligned with the rhythms of the natural world and with the students present that day. Her teaching style and classes are versatile. They are a challenging blend of playfulness, strengthening and relaxation; with the goals of current and long term stability, mobility,comfort and ease.

Once a gymnast, her early passion was brought to a halt when childhood cancer led to the removal of some shoulder/ back muscles and 2 years of chemo therapy. As an adult she found her way to yoga, directed to slow down while healing a minor injury. Despite early misconceptions and self-perceived limitations, she quickly discovered the physical benefits, and additionally, the emotional healing and growth of a regular yoga practice. Practicing many styles for nearly 20 years, she has continued to be awed by the power of yoga to increase peace, wellness, awareness and connection on and off the mat. She began teaching yoga to the children in her childcare business of 20 years, and has witnessed the transformative benefits of a mindfulness and yoga practice in students from toddlers to folks in their 70’s.

Cora was voted one of the top 5 yoga teachers in the Cville Weekly Best of Cville 2018. She completed her 200 hr. training with Katie Silcox and Karen Thomas. She is currently in advanced teacher 300 hr. training, with Noah Mazé and Peach Friedman, working towards her 500 hr. certification in September 2019. She has two certifications in Thai Yoga Bodywork. Cora has also completed continuing education workshops in Bio-mechanics of Yoga, Functional Mobility and Yoga with Dr. Ariele Foster, Body Positivity, including chair and adaptive yoga with Amber Karnes, Teaching People Not Poses with Jay Fields M.A. E-RYT, teacher workshops with Kofi Busia along with numerous, invaluable workshops attended locally, during travels and at yoga festivals.

Cora teaches hatha, slow flow, vinyasa, and restorative yoga in studios and a variety of other spaces. She loves dispelling misconceptions about yoga, who can do yoga, and what people can accomplish and feel in their bodies.

She is excited to continue to learn, practice and take additional training to bring the best experiences and explorations to her students, and to continue to offer accessible and enjoyable yoga classes to all. She is looking forward to working with you being a part of the NOWyoga community.