Aly Moore

Aly Moore

Owner, Yoga Teacher



I first came to the mat in 2005, having never previously heard of yoga. It was the beginning of a remarkable journey that has given me the tools to overcome a lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety, introduced me to the concept of living an awakened life, and kindled a passion for this practice and its power to heal the heart, mind and soul.

My love affair with the practice began when I was living in Greenville, SC in 2006-7, and was introduced to the breath-centric transformational teachings of Max Strom.  I began teaching in 2008 at the Boars Head when I returned to Charlottesville. Since then, I have spent thousands of hours on my mat, teaching, practicing, and training, exploring various aspects of the practice with esteemed teachers.

I have found my “home” in vinyasa.  I believe that there is a transformational alchemy that occurs in the combination of: asana, practiced with intense awareness and focus, that opens the body to receive the breath and the flow of energy (prana); conscious breathing synched with flow that calms the nervous system and carries prana through the body; and intention which guides the practitioner toward the highest use of prana. Yoga is the practice of now: a practice that guides us toward being more fully alive in this moment, the only moment that ever exists.

 “May you live a thousand years in every breath.”

 ~ Mark Nepo

I am grateful for so many people and opportunities that have appeared along the way, and send love & light and heartfelt thanks to them all and special thanks to: Liz Delaney (Greenville Yoga); Brian Delaney (Vibrant Life Yoga); Max Strom; Gangha White & Tracey Rich; Mark Stephens; the beautiful, shining souls who have been my cohort in my trainings; the students who have challenged me and supported me and helped me to grow; Ryan Glidden and Ryan Krupa who re-kindled my passion for the practice when I lost my way and founded the studio and community that is the foundation of NOWyoga; and my beautiful new family at NOWyoga:  Sabine, Jess, Sarah & Mike, Meg, Kelli, Gentry, Jen and Bess.

200-hr Teacher training with Max Strom (incomplete – the program was discontinued prior to completion)
200-hr Teacher training with Ganga White and Tracey Rich of White Lotus
+300 hr Advanced Teacher training with Mark Stephens

Week-long  & weekend intensives and half-day workshops with: Tias Little (Prajna yoga), Manju Jois, (Ashtanga) Gary Kraftsow (Viniyoga), Judith Lassiter (Restorative), Alana Kaivalya (Adjustments), Richard Miller (Integrative Restoration), Amy Weintraub (LifeForce Yoga), Rod Stryker (Parayoga), David Swenson (Ashtanga), Sean Corne (Vinyasa), Richard Rosen (Pranayama), Desiree Rumbaugh (Vinyasa), Rolf Gates, David Garrigues (Ashtanga), Ray Long (Anatomy), Brian Kest, Saul David Raye, Roger Cole (Iyengar), Peter Sterios. This opening to the life we have refused again and again until now.