Class Schedule

The key to a rewarding experience in a yoga class is to attend the one that is best suited to you; one that is appropriate to your level of strength and flexibility, to your level of experience, and to the level of physical exertion you need on any given day. To assist you with that, we have provided class descriptions and a label designating the complexity of the class and the level of exertion. If you’re still uncertain, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

If this is your very first experience with yoga, we strongly recommend that you try one of our yin classes or our Fundamentals of Yoga course.  Previous experience with vinyasa or completion of our Fundamentals of Vinyasa course is recommended prior to attending Slow Flow Vinyasa and Vinyasa I/II.  A regular vinyasa practice of at least a year is recommended prior to attending a Vinyasa II class.

Courtenay Evans, Robin Gage Lilly,

Beginner Yoga: Breath and Movement

New to yoga or looking for something different? Great! Join us for some gentle movement and breath awareness. Focus will be placed on linking breath with movement…

Jess Moseley, Gentry Hall


Yin yoga is an extremely relaxing practice in which the postures, done on the floor, are more passive. Each one is held for five minutes or more during which the practitioner relaxes in the pose and softens the muscles…

Sarah Messer, Meg Donovan, Aly Moore, Sabine Scholes

Slow Vinyasa Flow

In our Slow Vinyasa Flow classes, teachers lead you through a continuous flow of poses at a slow pace. This allows practitioners to focus on deeper, more expansive breathing…

Beginner, Physically Active
Aly Moore, Sabine Scholes

Vinyasa I/II

Our Vinyasa I/II classes flow at a slightly more rapid pace than our Slow Vinyasa Flow, although still slowly enough to allow practitioners to dedicate themselves…

Advanced beginner +
Aly Moore, Sabine Scholes, Kelli Block, Meg Donovan, Catherine McMahon

Vinyasa II

We strongly recommend that only those who have been practicing vinyasa regularly for a year+ attend Vinyasa II classes. These classes will incorporate longer sequences….